amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, June 11, 2006

David O'Meara and Suzanne Buffam

this aft at the Dusty Owl Reading Series. The very sexy David O'Meara read first. Some very impressive new poems, especially one called News From The Moon, which will hopefully be in an upcoming poetry collection soon.

The last time I heard Suzanne Buffam was at the Ottawa International Writers Festival last year. At the time, I was distracted by her partner, Srikanth Reddy, whose reading from his book, Facts for Visitors was something very special. Today I got the chance to focus more on Buffam's work. She just won the League of Canadian Poets' Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for first poetry collections for Past Imperfect. At the Dusty Owl she did a great reading. I especially liked her intro to her poem Sir Gromore Somyr Joure in which she talked about the less popular and well known knights of the round table. Personally I've always had a thing for Gawain. She read some of her new work, including poems about interiors that were really well done. The poem, Ruined Interior, lingered with me, long after the wild and crazy open mic and the object of desire contest, long after the tall, beautiful Brandon, the crazy guitar angst ridden aaron, the heckling rob, the birth mother who confessed, the hot water bottle.

I love the Dusty Owl reading series.


jean-pierre said...

I enjoyed reading this posting, and admire how you can describe and talk about poets and poetry. Thanks for enlightening me even this wee bit more (than I have been)!

Do you know anything about the Savannah, Georgia poetry scene, I wonder?

Amanda Earl said...

Thanks, Jean-Pierre. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I've never had the pleasure of experiencing the poetry scene in Savannah. I'm sure it is my loss.

Best wishes,