amongst books

amongst books

Monday, August 14, 2006

Last night's Poetic Desserts: friendship, chocolate and words to savour

Charles, Pearl, Michelle, Sebastien and I shared devil's food cupcakes, little eclairs, a blueberry loaf and some kind of Asian gelatinous fruit like thingy (thanks Pearl!) while enjoying the words of Marianne Moore, some poems on vegetables, sex, love, lots of sea themed poems and the beginnings of the beautifully worthless, a book in poems and letters by Ali Liebegott.

It was a wonderful evening. I can't think of a better way to begin a new week than to be inspired by poems and comforted/entertained by friends. I spend so much time isolated out of necessity for writing, I'm always looking for opportunities to socialize with a community of like-minded individuals. Not so easy to find, but I'm working on it ;)

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