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amongst books

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Amanda's Adventures in Toronto

Tomorrow we leave by train for the Hogtown. Bywords will have a table at the Toronto Small Press Fair on the second day of the fair, Sunday, November 12. We have four days in Toronto to wander. I grew up there and even did a stint at the University of Terror, but it's a luxury to wander the city as a tourist and to have the time of a long train trip to read and write. My reading material on the train will be Katherine Govier's Fables of Brunswick Avenue.

While there I'll also attend the small press readings at the Victory Cafe Saturday night hosted by Beth Follett of Pedlar Press. Featured readers include Dani Couture, Zoe Whittall, Sharon Harris, Terry Carroll, and Mike Barnes, plus one unconfirmed reader (I adore surprises)

I'd like this trip to be a literary adventure, discovering bookstores, secret laneways, and kindred spirits. One of the things I adore is travel guides. For Toronto, my favourite guide is Secret Toronto The Unique Guidebook to Toronto's Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes, ECW Press, 1998. I am hoping to flip thru the revised one while in Toronto. I discovered Good for Her thru this book, that makes it worth its weight in gold ;)

Another bible for me is Cheapeats Toronto, Plethora Press, 2006. This book has helped me find dim sum at eight in the morning on a Saturday, and one of the best Italian restaurants I've ever encountered.

Toronto is full of stories and stories don't come from guidebooks. Murmur is a project which lets tourists and citizens alike hear the unofficial stories of the city.

If I was in town on a Thursday evening, I'd join this group.

Stay tuned for more blog entries and then at the end of the month, it's off to Montreal.

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