amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

in/words very sexy party on march 29

so the young and handsome in/words lads will be hosting an open stage as usual on the last thursday of the month and launching their final issue of the academic year. except it’s not as usual. apparently they’ve published more poetry in the latest issue than they did in the whole of 2006. they want to celebrate and suggest we should all join in.

they have a bunch of free chapbooks including one by this saucy young man:

Mark Sokolowski

Don’t try
and tell me Mother
Nature’s not
into kink –

I’ve seen the red
and purple welts
left from the way
she makes the
sun go down on her.


i’m not sure that’s what elton john meant in his song.

another carleton publication called blank page will also be featured. blank page is for first year students. what a sweet and nurturing idea.

i haven’t been to an in/words open stage in many months. i like the atmosphere. i like the location, the avant garde on besserer. i like all the handsome boys.

i might go and read something from my collection of smut, if that’s the game for the evening. why don’t you come?

ok, i’ve done my part. now where’s my party favour?


Mark said...

I posted a link to your blog on mine. Does that count as a party favour? See you at the reading on Thursday.

Amanda Earl said...

not even close ;) but thanks.

Mark said...

You might want to go after Pete for what you're after then...