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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alan Moore's Amazing and Inspiring Essay on Pornography

i take away every mean thing i've ever said about this man. he's my new god.
go to this essay in which he discusses the evolution of pornography up to the present day, motivations for its existence and societal attitudes towards it. it's a bit boring at first, but it gets really good.
Here's my favourite part and one that articulates so much better than I could ever about my rationale for writing about sex and sexuality in my fiction and why I am working so hard to get my sexually explicit fiction published in mainstream literary journals.

"If we could redefine erotica, restore it to the venerated place in art that it was once accustomed to, this might defuse a number of our personal and social tensions with regard to sex in much the way it seems to have done at the dawn of western civilization. Realised properly, pornography could offer us a safe arena in which to discuss or air ideas that otherwise would go unspoken and could only stale and fester in our individual dark.[ ...]

In the end, it’s in the hands of individual people, individual artists, writers, film-makers or poets. If they have the nerve to plant their flags in this despised and dangerous terrain despite its uninviting nature, then in time the dismal wilderness might be transformed into a scented garden of enduring value. The erotic might be elevated from her current status as a hooker everyone keeps chained up in their cellar but nobody talks about, unmentionable but available, back to her previous position as a goddess."

Yes, I want to be your porn goddess ;)

thanks remittance girl, great pal and best erotica writer i know, for the heads up on this

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Anonymous said...

The history of pornography interests me greatly too. Very cool quote.

--Christina E.M.