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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Building a Better Blog with George Murray-prizes for best question!

what do you want to know about

if i like your question, or can ask it without blushing, i’ll use it in my talk with mr. murray and i’ll mention your name. the person who asks the best question will receive a $25 gift certificate for Nicholas Hoare Books, the festival bookshop and two free tickets to the writer’s festival event of your choice, both courtesy of the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

e-mail me your question at amanda underscore earl dot storm dot ca . deadline is midnight, thursday, april 12, 2007.


on saturday, april 15 as part of the ottawa international writers festival, i will be the host of “Building a Better Blog with George Murray.” Murray is the founder of, a log of literary doings gleaned from world wide online sources such as the Guardian books section, along with intelligent and sarcastic commentary from the site contributors and discussions from readers (some of which is also intelligent, a lot of which is quite sarcastic).

there’s also a magazine with interviews, articles and reviews and at one point, comics by murray. (this one with a caption written by our own john macdonald is my fav). it’s a very cool site and must take a lot of work to produce, yet there’s new stuff daily.

i have a few ideas for questions, but i’d really like to get some questions from you, dear blog readers.

here are a few links to existing interviews with the bookninja founder:

abebooks interview

bloggasm interview

after our event, murray, who also writes poetry, will join rob mclennan and george bowering in conversation with stephen brockwell.

have you checked out the writers festival schedule yet? it rocks. (as the dusty owl folk might say ;)

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