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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arc, Summer Solstice, Obscurity and Kerouac

in today’s Ottawa Citizen visual arts columnist Paul Gessell talks about the launch of Arc’s Lost and Forgotten issue, featuring 13 lesser known Canadian poets such as queer poet Douglas LePan and Paul Potts, a pal of George Orwell and Ottawa's own Elizabeth Smart.

the launch takes place at the Manx Pub on Saturday at 5:00 pm. i’ll be sorry to miss it but i have something else i’m doing. this spring has been so busy with events. july and august will be quieter i think.

i’m looking forward to picking up Arc’s latest issue to pay my respects to these obscure writers. it’s kinda cool that Arc would give them a tribute. maybe writing can make you immortal. gee. neat thought.

happy summer solstice! i hope you spend it with a good book of poetry. i’m reading kerouac again as i’ve been doing every summer for the last few years. a few years ago, reading “On The Road” inspired me to write an erotic story about Jack and a fictitious hometown girl who wanted him. if you’d like to read it...go here.

i wonder if kids today are reading Kerouac and his gang? maybe he’s obscure to them like all those Arc poets in the latest issue. makes me wonder. we should all go to Lowell, his birthplace, to check out the original scroll manuscript of On the Road.

i leave you with one of my favourite of his poems about immortality to celebrate the longest day of the year:

Daydreams for Ginsberg

final thing: Charles has a very cool photo of me up on his site today. makes me blush a bit ;)

oops..also, to see Fatema Sayani mention Tuesday's Max Middle Sound Project performance in her Citizen column today for all us "sound scenesters."

um...i guess today's word is "cool"

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