amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

congratulations to ottawa's trillium award winners

to local writer Mark Frutkin who won the English fiction prize;
to University of Ottawa Professor Daniel Castillo Durante who split the French fiction prize with Paul Savoie of Toronto;
to Françoise Lepage who won the French children's fiction prize;
and to Ken Babstock (described by the Ottawa Citizen as "an Ottawa Valley man who now lives in Toronto) for the English poetry prize.

other Ottawans who were in the running forthe Trilliums include Anita Lahey and Daniel Poliquin, both of whom have been highly involved in Ottawa's literary, culture and education milieux.

to those detractors who say Ottawa is a cultural backwater whose residents have no energy, i say pfffft. here's yet another example of creative energy and initiative.

i would like to express my gratitude to these writers and others whose creativity contributes to ottawa's vibrant and thriving culture. merci et félicitations.

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