amongst books

amongst books

Monday, June 18, 2007

goodies from the ottawa small press fair

many of these fine works i got free or traded for my AngelHousePress chapbooks

Altitude by Monty Reid, above/ground press broadsheet #261
a damn sexy poem by a damn sexy poet

Basement Tapes, by Andrew Faulkner, Nicholas Lea and Marcus McCann
self-translated, remixed and reupholstered poems by three up and coming young poets

Book of Days by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher (Foothills Publishing, 2005)
bought this because i enjoyed hearing the barefoot american maverick (or BAM! as she’s known in these here parts) read the night before.

cheeeeee...r by Dan Waber, the Runaway Spoon Press, 2007
a fun book of concrete poems all the way from Pennsylvania

common knowledge (some american poems, number one, by rob mclennnan (Pooka Press, Old Jacket Pocket Poet Series, 2004), apparently the second last copy of a limited edition of 50 copies. hurray!

europtrip by Joe Blades (Pooka Press, 1996)
not rec’d at fair but gifted by Joe at pub after. all those maps and pics make me itch to go on a trip. i’m thinking montreal soon, by train..wanna come?

For Riley by Richard Harrison, above/ground press broadsheet #263
memorial piece for recently deceased Ottawa poet, Riley Tench

Hub City, Fall/Winter 1998 (No 1) and Summer 1991 (No 2), published by the Kamloops Poetry Factory, cool mix of various well known and not as well known poets. of particular excitement for me are Susan Musgrave’s poems, especially Arctic Poppies in No 1, and John Newlove’s A Picture from an Exhibition in No 2, but man what a treasure trove of good stuff in here. thanks to Warren Dean Fulton for walking around and handing these out.

I Cut My Finger by Stuart Ross (Anvil Press, 2007)
the latest from the prolific surreal Torontonian. i love the way he sees things: “the door approaches the welcome mat” heee!

If I Were You by Ron Padgett (Proper Tales Press, 2007)
nice monkeys on bright red cover, collaborations with all sorts of folk. i’ve been flippin’ thru and enjoy’in these already. "the infinity of always". wow.

In/Words Scattered Poem series 1-6. & In/Words chapbook series 7.1 -the In/Words boys & girl have now decided to sell stuff rather than just give it all away, damn. creative postcard photos. nice to see the creativity blooming. i got a subscription too!

The Johann Liberation Army, a motionless picture by Adam Thomlinson, 40 Watt Spotlight Productions; i loved “We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine” so i am pretty much committed to picking up anything this guy does. also i really do need to make that sexiest Canadian male prose writers list soon.

litany of breathing, I.B. Iskov, Pooka Press, 2002
i admit i bought this purely for the ragged dark blue cotton textured cover

Metro Spring by George Bowering, Pooka Postcard Series 5, November 2004
11/50 copies. a nod to William Carlos Williams

Puddle Leaflet Series subscription from Max Middle-all kinds of cool puddle leaves here from various folk

Rummaging for Rhinos by Joe Blades (Pooka Press, 1995)
another handed to me at the pub chapbook. this one seems scary...basement wolves and on the back a leg of canned poet.

Scrap Paper Poems by Warren Dean Fulton (Pooka Press, 2001)
if you just stay in one place long enough eventually a poet will walk up to you and hand you a chapbook. kinda cool to read these after meeting ottawa ex-pat Fulton and chatting over beers. makes sense now. poems written on scraps of paper, having witnessed Warren’s revision of a boring local entertainment magazine with his humorous captions.

She Walks by George Bowering, Pooka Postcard Series 5, November 2004
evocation of an old hymn; as elegant as its author

tears by K.L. McKay, Pooka Postcard Series, August 2005
i can hear Kristy’s voice when i read this.

Unquiet Desperation, june 2007, volume 1 – issue 14
slipped into my hands once more by Mr. Fulton. love the streamlined feel of this one, the narrow photos; i like the title.

the Bywords table did a brisk business, and more importantly Charles and i got the opportunity to talk to a lot of new and old friends. very fun. i was pleased to see some new vendors too: the Ottawa Arts Review, the Puritan, and those who have come (back) from elsewhere. for many the fair and its surrounding activities were a reunion. as a relative newcomer, i watched from the sidelines and it was cool to see how close people in the ottawa literary community have become.

this morning i feel kinda sad that the whole thing is over. i feel i didn’t have enough time to talk to everyone i wanted to, that i should have forked over more cash for a few more items, that i didn’t drink enough beer...that post-xmas feeling kids have after all the presents have been unwrapped and played with.

you should go over to John W. Macdonald’s blog for a really cool video montage of his photos from friday night’s reading. what a lovely tribute to the events. thanks, John! great cure for the post-fair blues.

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