amongst books

amongst books

Friday, June 15, 2007

neat stuff on a friday

Get Guerrilla has, among other neat reads, a neat interview with Jim Bryson, who mentions that one of the songs from his latest CD (Where the Bungalows Roam) was influenced by the poetry of Ken Babstock. Told you it was neat!

last night I received the first three books in my Wave Books subscription:
Matthew Rohrer’s Rise Up
Christian Hawkey’s citizen of
Eileen Myles’ Sorry, Tree

wouldn't it be neat if the wave poetry bus tour came back? thanks to rob for the info on the subscription.

it'll be neat to hang out with old friends and new at this weekend’s small press fair doings..tonight’s reading at the Carleton and tomorrow’s actual fair, followed by beer and chat.

Ottawa is a neat place to live!

stay tuned for a nifty entry.


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Anonymous said...

I'll try and see the next one Amanda. Do you still have my e-mail addy? Pat

Amanda Earl said...

i'm not sure which Pat you are to be honest. i know several...both male and female.