amongst books

amongst books

Friday, June 15, 2007

nifty Dan Waber, nifty Jennifer Hill-Kaucher & nifty Stuart Ross

at the nifty Carleton Tavern for the nifty small press preview reading tonight read and performed to a nifty rec room of non dart players.

a nifty coin toss determined the reading order.

Toronto poet Stuart Ross began with his trademark nifty humour and impossible juxtapositions that make his writing original and compelling (and nifty). he read from his latest book, I cut my finger (Anvil Press) and from older collections, incluing Hey, Crumbling Balcony (ECW Press, 2003). he began with a nifty piece of prose that sparked nifty laughter in the crowd. the only thing i can remember is “draped in bird sheet.”

Stuart will sell his books and chapbooks at the fair tomorrow. come on down! the price is nifty.

Jennifer Hill-Kaucher came up from Pennsylvania with her partner Dan Waber. I really enjoyed her nifty reading. One particular poem about a poetry critic's bad interpretations of poetry was really nifty, but so were lots of her other ones, and wasn’t it nifty that she read barefoot? later when asked why, she explained that she feels more grounded that way. i know of other performers who do the same. Melissa Laveaux, the niftty Otttawa singer-songwriter, guitarist comes to mind.

the reading was hosted by the very nifty Max Middle who did a nifty job. he called for a break after the first two readers. we ate, we drank, we talked, we got to know the out-of-town visitors a bit.

isn’t it nifty that Warren Dean Fulton returned after a 14 year absence and will be at tomorrow’s fair to sell his Pouka Press publications. 72 hours on the bus from Vancouver, just to be with us. lots of nifty folk in the audience. i didn’t recognize everyone, but it was good to see and chat with all and nifty.

Dan ended the reading in nifty style, flourishing about the rain in puddles O. that’s going to stay on my mind all night. also a very nifty poem about what he wants in a poem...poems that almost fail, my fav bit. I have met Dan only online before because he published some of my visual poetry on his nifty website and also for the cross media issue of unlikelystories. was nifty to meet him and Jennifer in person. Jennifer and Dan will be offering the wares of Paper Kite Press at the fair.

charles and i left while the night was still nifty. the small press fair awaits...and i’m excited.
go look at charles site for a good pic of dan on saturday.