amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i have a new obsession

and his name is Joel Thomas Hynes. his novel Right Away Monday,. about a sometime bartender who lives a lost weekend kind of life, boozing and fucking, is phenomenal.

he’s got one of those sexy Newfoundland accents i can never resist. his first book is Down to the Dirt and it’s being made into a film for CBC. Hynes is taking on the main role. yay!

here’s the start of Right Away Monday...tell me it doesn’t speak to you and make you want to devour (the book, um...yeah, the book).

“I says look here girl, I says. I’ll fuckin eat you alive I will.

And she blushes at that, goes right scarlet she do. Of course. Cause I’m far stunned. I knows how to smile when I wants me skin. It’s all in the smile. I was crossin on the other side of Water Street when that gangly Philip fucker bawls out and waves me over. Skull-and-crossbones on the front of his girls-size tee-shirt. That pisses me off, cause you gotta earn the privilege to wear that particular badge and you can tell at a glance that he’s nowhere near worthy”

here’s someone i’d love to see at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, wouldn’t you? try to keep me out of the hospitality sweet (yes, pun intended) if this one came to town ;)

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