amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

footloose and fancy free in toronto this w/e

stop by and see me at the toronto small press fair. i'll be hanging out at the pooka press table with good pal, Warren Dean Fulton. lots of readings going on during the fair, including

Alex Boyd, Andrew Daley, Stacey May Fowles, Luciano Iacobelli, Sandra Kasturi, Jacob Scheier,
Emily Shultz, David Silverberg, Steve Venright, Paul Vermeersch, Jeff Round, Priscila Uppal
and more.
presses include Shebytches, Fooliar Press, maybe Bookthug, Eastbound Books, Pedlar Press, Fathom Productions, Learn/yeats & Co., Aeolus House, Quattro Books, Talking Pictures, Underwhich Editions, New Life Press, Sprouts Press, Burning Effigy Press, ESR Media, Lyrical Myrical Press, The Porcupines Quill, Nick Maandag Comics, Breller Books, Moosemeat and Presson!, Public, Proper Tales Press, Peter Kalyniuk Press, EAB Pub, The Gig, Imago Press
Wayward Armadillo Press/ dig, Tales of the Scarf Lady, Life Rattle, Gesture Press, David S. Cross, Lannie Brockstein, Great Worm Express Distro, Pilles Press, Iron Rabbit Bindery,
McGilligan Books, Rhinskin/Ineggma, Simmie Marketing Group, Midnight Media, Carousel,
Repeating Pig Press, Moon in Joon, Allan Weiss, The Royal Sarcophagus Society, Willow Dawson Illustration, Harrington Park Press, Sherwood Press, Buzz Killer Press, Radio Free School,
Misunderstandings Magazine, pooka press, Descant, Believe Your Own Press, Tightrope,
Kiss Machine, Taddle Creek, Ninas Creations/Anyi Productions, Kelp Queen Press, CJS Publishing.

looking forward to the serendipity of it all, chatting and and hanging out with toronto friends saturday and sunday. (pssst....good pub recommendations may merit my buying you a beer :)

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