amongst books

amongst books

Monday, November 12, 2007

Toronto Small Press Fair, fall 2007

was fun. i had the chance to chat with a few of my favourite Toronto people like Nick Power, Jay MillAr, Maria Erskine, Stuart Ross, Gordon Phinn, Andrew Falkner and Nathaniel G. Moore (i'm adding Andrew & Nathaniel to my updated sexiest Canadian male poets list soon). I also got a chance to speak briefly with Hugh Thomas and Joey Comeau and met new (to me) interesting folks David Livingstone Clink, Alex Boyd, Karen Justl, Luciano Iacobelli, Paul Vermeersch and Paul Dutton.

it was great sitting at the pooka press table and helping to sell the wonderful photobooth broadsides, poetry postcards and chapbooks alongside Warren Dean Fulton (who will definitely be added to my sexiest Canadian male poets list at the tippy top).

here’s the booty i got at the fair....

“Poems for Another Poetry Reading,” Michael Dennis (LyricalMyrical, 36 of a 75 copy limited edition). I love LyricalMyrical’s publications and i was very happy to meet and talk to Luciano Iacobelli of LM and compliment him on his book making skills. He says the press started about five years ago when he started making books for friends and then others showed an interest. As a collector of Michael Dennis’ poetry, I was extremely pleased at this find.

“The Angel Notebook,” Luciano Iacobelli, Seraphim Editions, 2007. I’d checked this book out on line at the Seraphim site. I was very excited to get a copy and to have it inscribed and illustrated with an angel on a skateboard by the author. He’s coming to Ottawa this Thursday as part of the Colin Morton & More reading at the National Library, 7:30 pm. Be there!

“Brick and Bone,” Alex Boyd (believe your own press, 2004), in an edition of 125 copies (mine inscribed, yay!). I wish I’d found his new book of poems, Making Bones Walk (Luna Publications, 2007) but hopefully he’ll come to Ottawa to read. I’ll have to add him to my sexiest Canadian male poets list.

“Shapeshifter” by David Livingstone Clink (believe your own press, 2004), the 37th copy in an edition of 125 (and inscribed too!)

“Moosecall # 4: Premium Cut, Flash Fiction” from the Moosemeat Writers Group. I enjoy flash fiction quite a bit. A few names I recognized here, like one of the TSPBF organizers and believe your own presser Myna Wallin. I received “Moosecall # 2: 10 Pounds in the Freezer” for free.

I received my Bookthug subscription, which includes poetry by Shannon Bramer, Jed Rasula, Phil Hall x 2, Cara Benson, and Bafter C-Volume 3, Nos 1 and 1.1. As usual all the books were beautifully designed and put together by Jay MillAr, most of them in 100 copy editions.

finally, for a toonie i bought “The Boogie Nights Instant Anthology” made during the fair. This is a tradition that started in 1987 and has apparently occurred sporadically throughout the fair’s twenty year history, although i have to say i have never seen it before and have been to the fair maybe three or four times since 2003. some great poems here, particularly one by Warren Dean Fulton:

lines to a depressed friend
(title from a Frank O’Hara poem:)

as the chandelier swings
for what it’s worth
temperamental unworthiness
stay w/ me

poetic soirées
lampshaded antics
dismantling self through tenderness
stay w/ me

memory can’t be trusted
an end here
a beginning there
stay w/ me

and then we went to the Green Room. Warren is now en route back home to Vancouver. it was a wonderful visit full of readings and long talks about poetry into the night. i enjoyed being on the road with my good friend and hope he lights up Ottawa’s literary scene again sometime.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Can Halli and I use some of your blog entry comments for our testimonials on the small press book fair site? So glad to hear you had fun!

I love your selections, too! I edited Alex's chapbook, Brick and Bone, and I agree, he should be on that sexiest poets alive in toronto list.

Let me know if we can repost your comments -- you can write me at


Myna Wallin, fair co-organizer

Amanda Earl said...

feel free to use any of it you'd like. i hope the fair can be bigger and better in subsequent years.