amongst books

amongst books

Monday, February 04, 2008

i'm reading this afternoon at 4pm at U of O may be more like croaking. i've got a cold and my voice is really awful. but...other people will probably have better voices...soooo,

University of Ottawa Reading in support of International Development Week:
Global Citizenship: A Framework for Development

Monday, February 4, 2008
4:00pm - 5:30pm
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Arts, Rm 509

RAY DEONANDAN (Prize-winning Caribbean author of Sweet Like Saltwater and Divine Elemental. A medical scientist associated with the University of Ottawa.)

BETTY WARRINGTON-KEARSLEY (Singapore-born Chinese-Canadian poet. Recent first book, Red Lacquered Chopsticks.)

AMANDA EARL (Editor of and Bywords Quarterly Journal. Author of recent chapbook Eleanor.)

LISE CAREAU (Poet-performer and Coordinator, Maison des auteurs, Gatineau.)

CYRIL DABYDEEN (Former Poet Laureate of Ottawa and author of Imaginary Origins: Selected Poems. Recent winner of the Guyana Prize for Fiction for Drums of My Flesh.)

I also recommend checking out other activities at U of O for the week. They include an NGO fair in the university centre, speeches by Stephen Lewis and Michael Ignatieff, a reel world movie festival, an Amnesty International letter writing fair and even a fair trade food posting.

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pz said...


I just noticed your blog. I think it is great.

How are you doing?


Amanda said...

thanks...i have the flu but that can't last forever...hope you are well.