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amongst books

Saturday, February 09, 2008

what's up with the Citizen?

and why do they have such a hard time getting the dates of events right? this time around they got the next A B Series wrong in today's Going Out Section. the last A B event was on Sunday, so they make this one on Sunday too. but no, the next on is actually on Friday, February 15. see the difference, Citizen data entry people or whoever you are? Friday is not Sunday.

i've seen the Citizen screw up Bywords listings with the same type of error, reprinting the readers from the previous event instead of copying in the new ones that I send them, Dusty Owl listings with the features from the previous time and other literary events screwed up time after time.

i appreciate that the Citizen could just say to hell with putting listings up at all and i suppose i should be grateful, but for god's sake...get it right. or hire someone who can. this is ridiculous.

why am i so annoyed? because those listings are a very valuable and necessary resource for the literary community and for the audiences who time and again are betrayed by inaccurate information. i know it's normal to get things wrong on occasion, i accept that, but this often? sorry, that's just incompetence and neglect. it shows a lack of respect for the entire literary community to treat our events in such a cavalier, ham-fisted manner. and for audiences it's a betrayal. they can't trust the Citizen to accurately post events. that sucks.

i actually enjoy the Citizen a great deal. i'm a fan, which means i hold the paper up to a higher standard than this sloppiness. i wonder how other cultural activities in the community fare? i hope they don't get such error-prone listings.

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