amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, April 17, 2008

6 word memoir

Pearl tagged me on this meme based on all the books and stuff lately done with this 6-word- memoir concept. See her entry for more info on the meme, the book by Smith Magazine and the article in Wired. i'm supposed to tag other people, but i've decided not to do that anymore. instead, if this inspires you to write your own, that would be cool. i had fun with this. a poem? you tell me.

a reminder that today is Poem In Your Pocket Day; write out a favourite poem and give it to someone. this would be a cool thing to do at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, eh?

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Pearl said...

any bets on how many times the phrase will hit the air today (not by either of us course. even punning has its limits.)

is that a poem in your pocket or are you just....