amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

april has been a smashing month

here are just a few highlights of the poetry i’ve experienced in april. we all have our own ways of celebrating ;):

a visit from a good friend and lover from out of town

discovery of Steve Venright, whose writing i really enjoyed, thanks to the Ottawa International Writers Festival, which is in itself an inspiration and joy time after time (to quote Cyndi Lauper)

two concerts by my favourite singer, Ron Sexsmith

meals and conversation with wonderful lifelong friends

notifications of upcoming poetry publication in fillingStation ( a milestone for me because i have been trying to get in to that mag for ages!)

notifications of upcoming emo vampire erotic story publication on line at

rejection e-mails from a few publications; i’m always so glad when they actually respond

new writing projects in both poetry and prose thanks to all the inspirations of the month

an amazing four-day interlude with one of the most beautiful, sexiest and intense men i’ve ever encountered, the reason for my giddiness and glow at the festival ;)

the end of winter (hurray!)

days and nights with the always loving and constantly supportive Charles through the rollercoaster of it all

what will May bring?...i am very lucky and blessed and humbled by the beauty of life, including the tears and heartbreaks. i am alive. i am open to it all...

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Anonymous said...

Happy to hear about the glow! April is shaping up to be a fine month. (This said as it passes.)