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amongst books

Saturday, April 19, 2008

canadian poetry journals i enjoy – part 3

dANDelion is a journal i only started to read last year. it’s published by the dANDelion Magazine Society c/ Department of English at the University of Calgary; although it is a separate entity from the university. the managing editor is Jonathon Ball. Subscriptions are $18 for two issues. You can get subscriptions on line now and even get a free gift.

i have to say that i’ve only read three issues so far, but that i like the way this magazine includes articles on poetics as well as poetry, prose and images. i also enjoy the way the work within it tends to blur genre boundaries.

latest issue: volume 33 (number 2) the radical translation issue (december, 2007)

published following a conference on translation organized by Robert Majzels. the issue features works which transcend the conventional notion of translation as working from one language to another to explore the notion that “translation is somehow inherent in the practice of art in general” (quote from the Letter from the Editors: Jonathan Ball and Mike Robertson). The issue features text, images, essays and artistic statements by people such as Jesse Ferguson, Andy Weaver, Erín Moure, Nathaniel G. Moore, Angela Carr, Nicole Brossard, Nicholas Lea, Marcus McCann and Andrew Faulkner, Adam Dickinson and more.

Of particular interest to me were the following:

the front cover by Eveline Kolijin

Adam Dickinson’s Table of Contents, a series of paragraphs attached to section numbers, a kind of meta table of contents which muses on the nature of flames, comparison, variation,, chance. the text is fanciful and concepts are linked in non traditional and non linear ways, a translation of what is behind a table of contents and a great introduction to the issue. [but where was his bio & statement?]

the plunderverse experiments of Maxianne Berger and Jesse Ferguson. very cool to see Gregory Betts’ concept continued and interpreted by other writers.

the excerpts from “Complicatio/Explicatio (Folding and Unfolding),” the collaborative translations of George Moore and Mireille Perron from poem to object (long, unfolding books).

Carmen Light excerpted from Nathaniel G. Moore’s book of poetry, “Let’s Pretend We Never Met” (Pedlar Press, 2007), a tribute to the writing of Catullus. Moore’s work is informal, imaginative, witty and tight.

the fun and playful wall of hares by gunnar waerness, evoking the collage novels of Max Ernst.

the poems by Nicolas Brossard and their translations by Erín Moure and Robert Majzels, who have translated three books by Brossard. And if you haven’t read the latest: Notebook of Roses and Civilization (Coach House Books, 2007), you really should.

Jonathon Ball’s fascinating interview with Nicole Brossard about the translation of her books into English.

Really, this issue is so chock a block with wonders, I feel bad just mentioning these few. It’s still available here in Ottawa at Mags N Fags on Elgin and I’m sure you can also still get it directly from dANDelion.

finally, a contest (for those of you who’ve read this far down;)...i have an extra copy of volume 32, no 1 and will offer it as a prize. it’s a good issue, featuring work by Jenny Sampirisi, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Weyman Chan, Jason Christie, Daniel Tysdal, Stephen Cain and many more.

all you have to do is write a brief paragraph (no more than 200 words) about your favourite Canadian literary journal which features poetry and e-mail it to me: amanda underscore earl at storm dot ca by april 26. the paragraph can even be about a magazine i’ve already covered, but it would be fun if it was something different and especially fun if it was something readers may not have heard of. if i receive more than one entry, i’ll pick one that most inspires me to get the magazine. if i do get response, i’ll post the entries on my blog toward the end of April.

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