amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Canadian poetry journals I enjoy-part one

they often include more than just poetry, but for Nat’l Poetry Month it’s the poetry & poetics I’m concentrating on...

Open Letter: A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory (founded 1965 in Victoria, BC), Frank Davey, the University of Western Ontario. Provides a venue for discussion of poetics, fascinating articles, overviews of literary movements.

Last issue Read- Thirteenth Series, Number 4, Fall 2007
Artists’ Statements and the Nature of Artistic Theory, includes DVD supplement
a fascinating article by Frank Davey entitled “Artists’ Statements and the Rules of Art” presents an overview of the role of artistic statements in poetry, comparing the various stances of poets and critics with the tradition of contemporary art schools where students are taught how to professionalize and situate their work through the use of statements.

Another article that had resonance for me was Michael Jarret’s “How To Be Influenced” which is about “turning influence into a procedure for conducting artistic inquiry and producing art.”

How To Obtain: 3 issue subscriptions are $22 (Canada); go here...also you can subscribe thru Paypal according to the small print on the bottom of the journal’s subscription form, but it doesn’t say so on the site. buy a copy and then you’ll have the e-mail; i’ve also picked it up at the greatest magazine shop in Ottawa, Mags N Fags (254 Elgin Street, sorry folks, no website), but haven’t seen it in any other Ottawa stores. individual issues are $8.

Matrix Magazine (founded??, Montreal, Quebec)
Editor-in-chief: Jon Paul Fiorentino. Poetry and reviews from the not so main stream.

Last Issue Read: Spring 2008, Issue No 79, The New Underground
the whole issue is fun and provocative. i particularly enjoyed the work of Jenny Sampirisi, an excerpt from “iswas” her novel (it’s still poetry); the interview with Dennis Lee, Stuart Ross’s poetry and more.

How To Obtain: annual (three issue) subscriptions are $21 (Cdn) and include a complimentary book from a list; individual issues are $8. also in Mags N Fags, but nowhere else that I've seen in Ottawa.

stay tuned for more...i have this silly idea i’ll write a poetry-related blog entry daily during Nat’l Poetry Month....we’ll see how long that lasts.

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