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amongst books

Friday, April 11, 2008

Follow up from the Ottawa Public Library

Michael Murphy, the co-ordinator of Adult and Readership Advisory Services, gave me a call yesterday and we had a lovely conversation. Apparently some of you sent my blog entry his way. Thanks for that!

Next year, there will be a display case of local poetry in the main lobby to mark National Poetry Month. Can’t happen this year because their display space is already booked this month.

As to readings, the auditorium is available but Michael explained that they usually have a co-sponsor, such as a publisher and that the turnout for poetry readings isn’t very high. It isn’t my favourite venue for poetry readings in the evening because it closes at 9pm and there’s no alcohol allowed on the premises, and yep, it’s a big space. is it too big for the kinds of turn-outs we see at readings? i don’t think so. but if that’s the case, it’s a question of leaders in the literary community using our imaginations to figure out how to make that space workable. i mean...a free reading space in the heart of downtown...geez. if you’re interested in using the venue, you should call Michael.

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