amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, April 24, 2008

life as poetry, changes to this blog

up to now i’ve kept separate blogs for my literary reports (here), my poetry ( and my life (a live journal account which i’ve since discontinued). my rationale was always that readers interested in things literary would not necessarily want to know the details of my unconventional life and would also not be interested in reading a neophyte’s first poetry drafts. so i’ve kept stuff separate for five years. it made sense at the time, but perhaps not so much now for a number of reasons:

1. compartmentalization has created an imbalance of content with sometimes no blog entries on one blog for ages. as George Murray said when we spoke at the Ottawa International Writers Festival a year ago, when he talked about his blog, if you want people to read, you need to have an active blog, posting daily in his case.

2. life is an intrinsic part of things literary for me. i used to believe that people would be put off by my unconventional lifestyle and perhaps some are, but for the most part i’ve found the literary community to be intrigued and accepting of who i am and where i want to be in life. it feels dishonest of me to keep my literary life and my personal life separate. yes, i still believe in discretion as far as direct reference to individuals in my personal life, but my own life is an open book because i need it to be for the purposes of what...catharsis maybe, figuring stuff out, the ongoing quest for people of similar natures, and also inspiration. i always thought it was a bit cheesy to talk about my life so i apologized for that by keeping a separate live journal account. but those entries after a few years sounded unbalanced. i spent most of my time whining in the live journal and celebrating here on the literary blog. i’d rather give readers, who are hopefully friends and supporters, a balanced picture of me and my world. and maybe you can help me sort things out too. what i love about blogs is that they are icebreakers to conversation and friendship, debate and inspiration.

3. my poetry drafts were and are kinda crappy and i’ve been loathe to share them on this blog, but people sometimes wanted to read them, so i posted over on my poetry blog. i don’t know how much i’ll post drafts here days, since i’m working more in the long poem format, but we’ll see. again i think sharing the drafts along with my thoughts on literature and my disclosures and musings about my life help to present a more complete picture of who i am and of what i’m striving toward as both a writer and a lover of life. also i use the term poetry very loosely, since some of the stuff i posted on my poetry blog was my digital art experiments.

i’m not going to post my erotic writing here, but will keep it in its separate blog ( i also have another blog on myspace for music top tens monthly and i may add those to this blog as well.

basically i want to become more me, and this me is interested in all kinds of things and all kinds of people. the separation feels false to me now at this point in my life.

so that’s the plan. a renaissance blog.

get ready for the maelstrom of creativity and love i’m going to unleash. i hope you join me in the whirlwind.


Pearl said...

That makes sense. The compartmentalizing can skew holistic sense of the reader and the writer.

I'm finding people can generally deal with more diversity than I personally give them credit for.

Stephen Rowntree said...

I await the amalga with wormy breath (bated, that is, but wormy sounded kind of, well bated). Thanks Amanda,'ll be nice to have a one-click click to your writings.