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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

National Poetry Month at the Ottawa Public Library

It’s great that the Sunnyside Branch is having its Canal Mug Poetry series featuring poets and fiction writers such as Ian Roy, Rhonda Douglas, Rob Winger and others (Next one is this Thursday with Susan McMaster and Paul Tyler.) , but what about other branches?

My neighbourhood branch is the downtown or Main branch. Currently in the lobby there’s a great section of new fiction and reference books but I saw no poetry. and I didn’t see a special display of poetry books to mark National Poetry Month either. one place i expect something like NPM to be marked is in a public library.

i love the library & it has a great selection of poetry, particularly Canadian poetry and even Ottawa small press works in the Ottawa Room. i think though that they need to make a bigger noise about poetry during this month. (stay tuned for a blog entry on the Ottawa Room!)

if you go to a particular branch and know it is doing something for NPM, please let me know in the comments section or by e-mailing events at bywords dot ca so I can add it to the calendar. here’s the email i sent to Barbara Clubb, the City Librarian and CEO.

Dear Ms. Clubb,

Is the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library planning anything to celebrate National Poetry Month (NPM)? I know the Sunnyside Branch is hosting the Canal Mug Reading Series, but I was hoping that NPM would be celebrated at my local branch and at other branches throughout the National Capital.

On a recent visit, I noticed the great display of new fiction and reference books in the lobby. I would like to suggest you add a display of Canadian poetry, particularly the recent collections of poets such as Colin Morton, rob mclennan, Susan McMaster, Seymour Mayne, Ian Roy, Terry Ann Carter, Ronnie R. Brown, Sylvia Adams, Shane Rhodes, Nadine McInnes, Betty Warington-Kearsley, Rob Winger, Monty Reid, Anne LeDressay, Nicholas Lea and more. This would be a wonderful way to mark the month and to raise the awareness of Ottawa residents that poetry is an available resource at the library.

If the OPL has any other plans to mark National Poetry Month, I would be pleased to hear about them and will add them to the literary calendar of events.


Amanda Earl


On another note, what’s up with Julian Armour, the head of the Canadian Tulip Festival’s Celibridée? Why is he going around and saying that Ottawa needs a festival of ideas? Wake up and smell those tulips, Mr. Armour. The Ottawa International Writers Festival has been holding a festival of ideas for eleven years now to sell out crowds. Yep, it is needed and we’re lucky that it exists. Now if only we could have an outdoor music festival in May again.

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