amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Write about poetry to celebrate National Poetry Month

Kate Sutherland has issued a challenge; she would like folks to post entries about poetry. There are even prizes. See her blog here.

What else are you doing?

I’ll be attending a multitude of events, including this Sunday’s Dusty Owl featuring Warren Dean Fulton, all the way from Vancouver; the Ottawa International Writers Festival featuring a slew of poets and a murder of prose...(that’s right, isn’t it? or is it a gaggle of ...)

At the end of April there’s the Bywords spring reading too. And a bunch of other poetry readings and literary stuff taking place. Check the calendar of events for more.

It would be great to see posts about poetry, reviews, interviews, book recommendations, photos of poetry books and such on your blogs, if you have ‘em.

Happy National Poetry Month...where every day is a number and ain’t that poetic.

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