amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, May 10, 2008

a slight retraction to the last post

even though i come to this conference a bit like a tourist visitng a foreign land i am someone who enjoys dwelling in the realm of ideas and being fully engaged in the reading of contemporary poetry, i can't help but apply what i'm hearing to some of the works i'm reading or have recently read. today there will be more on poetics and i will be interested to hear those talks particularly. i simply haven't had the inclination or priority to explore fiction either modernist or postmodernist in Canadian literature. the last time i studied fiction wholeheartedly was in French when doing my Masters, which means that i was firmly mired in the 19th century and in Romance for fiction and for poetry very much interested in symbolism, and eventually surrealism, although is more of a current interest.

all this to say that while i can't be fully engaged for every talk (and who can?), my neurons are definitely firing.

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