amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a coupla sites i've discovered recently

the very cool idea factory, run by Dan Waber (& which i'm a part of)'s an idea exchange site where you can go if you're short of creative ideas or just want to enjoy the thoughts of ideers. the prolific and creative Dan came up with the idea for the site because he, himself, is an idea factory, coming up with more ideas than he can use.

a new poetry review site out of Simon Fraser University called the Poetic Front & edited by Stephen Collins. the first issue contains reviews and articles by rob mclennan on the poetry of Stephen Brockwell & David McGimpsey, Clint Burnham on Stuart Ross' penultimate poetry collection "How I Cut My Finger", a wonderful 2002 discussion between Christine Stewart and Ted Byrne on Steve McCaffrey's "Seven Pages Missing" and more stuff that i haven't had a chance to read yet. this is only the first issue. looks good. looking forward to more.

and did you see? the excellent writer, Natalie Simpson is a feature on right now with an excerpt from her book, "accrete or crumble."

finally, one of my new favourite Toronto literary folk, Paul Vermeersch has a blog and i didn't know it.

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