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amongst books

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

David O’Meara’s Disaster

is in the last few days of performance at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama. you’d best attend if you’re in town. i was there tonight and saw a few friends from the literary community in the audience too. it was a great turn out with the theatre at almost full capacity, a good thing on a Wednesday night with so many other activities going on.

what most impressed me about the play, without revealing plot details, were the compelling characters and their dialogue. David O’Meara is a playwright. i hope he wrights more plays :) do i have to start a sexiest Canadian playwrights list now?

i found myself quite transfixed and involved in the story, and i had compassion and interest in the lives of these people.

makes me ask why i haven’t attended the theatre in so long. i loved everything about it from the care taken with the set design, to the lighting, to the movements of the actors, to the way every action was choreographed and thought out. it made me want to write a play, actually.

i’m missing the fringe fest alas, but i’m reminded that we have some great theatre in Ottawa. consult Jessica Ruano’s Ottawa Arts Newsletter for more deets.

and on another note, hope to see you at the Puritan’s Throwdown in O-town this Friday. i’ll be warming up the stage for rob mclennan and Nathaniel G. Moore at Babylons, along with Jeffrey Ross, Steve Zytveld, Matthew Firth, Kate Heartfield, Darryl Berger, and Christina Decarie. The hoe-down, i mean throwdown, starts at 7pm...but more on this Friday.

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