amongst books

amongst books

Friday, June 20, 2008

a musical interlude brought to you by

a lady in waiting...

here are ten songs that have played on random shuffle on itunes while i've been waiting to head out to tonight's reading at the Carleton Tavern:

the Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone

don’t know this one; it’s from one of those sampler CDs: Now Hear This #53, July 2007.

the band is from New York. the lead singer has a voice reminiscent of Emm Gryner but softer. kind of reminds me a bit of some of the female vocalists in the 60s. when i was a wee girl, just arrived from England, songs like Petula Clark’s Don’t Sleep in the Subway, These Boots Are Made For Walking and Downtown were popular. Along with the Carpenters. Apparently the band name comes from a line from Pee Wee Herman. who knew how influential that show would end up being. i still get a private laugh over my own personal secret word showing up in conversation .no, i won’t tell you what it is.

Allyson’s Song – Trevor Tchir

from the wondering CD The Way I Feel Today; Trevor lived in Ottawa and he and his girlfriend Kristy McKay used to run Cafe Nostalgica’s Open Poetry and Music Stage on Thursday nights. i was a regular poetry performer for a couple of years, along with Max Middle, Kristy, oh a bunch of others, and the music of what would become Soul Jazz Orchestra; and others such as John Gillies, and John Carroll, Rozline McPhail, Melissa Laveaux. it was an extraordinary time. We recorded a CD called Thursday Heroes.

Lewis Boogie Blues – Waylon Pine, Walk the Line Soundtrack

not my fav style music, but i did love the film. i’m a sucker for soundtracks. Joaquiin Phoenix was so sexy in this movie. i really liked his bro, River Phoenix. really loved the film “My Own Private Idaho.”

Lodestar – Sarah Harmer

loved the first CD, haven’t really enjoyed her music much since. i danced with Charles at the Tulip Festival during the rain when Sarah was playing there many moons ago. i like her song Oleander too, which is actually fairly straight forward to play on the guitar. i have heard rob mclennan play and sing it. he has a very good voice.

Lenine Rock – Sinequanon

is from a sampler. you can get ten free songs every month; they also have a great podcast where they play the music they’re releasing onto the site. this is some kind of robotic voice sounding thing, accompanied by a hard rock electric guitar beat. the band name is Latin, “without which there is nothing.” this is actually a Gatineau guy named Jean-Francois Blanchette who plays around a lot with synthesizers. reminds me of Kraftwerk, a band that was popular in the 70s. i think digital music was only just a whisper back then. i had a cheap synthesizer too. i ended up being a guitar girl rather than a piano one.

Talk in Tongues – Natalie Imbruglia

she has a nice voice with a bit of an edge to it, but i can’t say she’s on any of my favourites list. a tad too poppy i guess. i am more of a Pink, Joan Jett, Sophie B. Hawkins, Siouxie, Carole Pope kind of person. she’s Australian. which makes me ask why all Australian men i’ve met are sexy. what’s with that? i have a thing for accents: Australian, Irish, Newfoundland, Jamaican, Nigerian, Arabic. i love rolling r’s. they come in handy.

Happy Blues – Jon Rae (Fletcher) and the River

i adore this guy’s voice. first heard him at one of those CBC Fuse concerts a few years ago and his back up singer was incredible. the two have the most beautiful harmonies. the drummer was gorgeous as well. i am so addicted to beautiful men. if they’re charming it is even worse. if they are musicians, i am easy. over easy like a good egg on a saturday morning after a hangover.

speaking of breakfast, Saturday mornings will find Charles & me at Eggspectations or Gabriel’s on Bank Street, reading the paper and eating ...guess what...breakfast.

Painters – Jewel

oh gosh, why is this still here? a friend gave this to us and i am no Jewel fan. i forgot we had it. it’s her lyrics. they are just awful usually. and worse, she wrote a book of poems. just pile up all the cliches, homilies and illogical arguments and you too can write a Jewel song. ick oh ick. “put watercoloured roses in her hair and said, love, i love you.” geez saccarine halmark crapola. so popular too. what is this penchant of society to love the puppy dog, the kitty cat and the airwick candle? i can’t stand sap unless it’s running down a tree. but i do enjoy a good maple syrup, particularly in my whisky in the winter time.

i’m actually a big whisky fan; although i can’t drink a lot. whisky / single malt scotch. but i don’t mess with scotch; i don’t add stuff to it, even water. some say adding water to it brings out the flavour, but i have only ever found it to weaken it. lagavulin is my favourite scotch; it’s fiery and peaty. and expensive. a bottle lasts Charles and me for at least six months.

lately i’ve been drinking Jameson’s Irish Whisky in the bathtub while listening to Bob Dylan.

Chalk This One Up To The Moon – Lynn Miles

an Ottawa singer who won a well deserved Juno recently. her voice is magnificent and lyrics too. she deserves fame but it hasn’t happened and that’s a shame. there are so many talented Ottawa-area singer/songwriters like Lynn: Andrea Simms-Karp, Kristin Bell-Murray, John Carroll, Mike Yates, John Gillies, Glenn Nuotio, Lee Hayes, Melissa Laveaux, Marie Josee Houle to name only a few. concidentally, all of the ones i mentioned except Lynn have all played for Bywords.

one of the things that i love about Bywords readings is that we always have music (except for that one spring reading a few years back). it’s a great combo and i feel the music helps to give the readings a celebratory air and makes us all feel like drinking after.

Leave a Little Light – The Wyrd Sisters

i first heard this Manitoba group at an Acoustic Waves concert at the old GCTC. used to go to those quite a bit in my old life. this band has good harmonies and lots of spirit. they are a bit like the Indigo Girls. they come up once in a while for the Ottawa Folk Festival, which is a great, great festival that takes place August 14-17 near/in? Britannia Park. some of the must see bands this year in my opinion are Dala, two women from Toronto who have beautiful harmonies and great songs, many quite hilarious; Sarah Harmer, the Sadies, and Rufus Wainwright, oh the beautiful Rufus. i love his music; his voice is amazing; i’m very fond of his mother’s music too in the McGarrigles and his sister Martha.

that’s the little tour of music for today...i’ll do this again some time when i’m waiting for something to start. as i was today, waiting for the ottawa small press pre-reading to start. soon i’m off to catch a red and white multiwheeled vehicle otherwise known as an ogre transpo bus.

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