amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a note on my erotica blog

so...over at, aside from posting publication notices, i also post stories, poems and vignettes. lately i've been getting comments which suggest that some folks are taking me literally instead of understanding that that blog is for fiction. sometimes i play a bit with a tiny bit of reality but then i imagine the rest. i'm also tongue in cheek, if you can forgive the pun, describing stuff as creative non fiction, but that's just me being saucy.

i noticed this kind of response has never happened with my prose. people seem to be able to understand that a story is made up of bits of reality fused onto invention. but with poems, i've noticed this before...readers often expect poetry to be autobiographical. poems can be from completely other places. yet there are truths within the poem. in this case, the only truths in the poems i've been posting on my erotica blog is that i fantasize when i see attractive men. comes in handy for creative writing, don't you think?


Stephen Rowntree said...

Subjective, objective, autobiographical, fictional, non-fictional my goodness me, so many things to choose the end its the writer's voice, does it really matter where or how or why it comes from.

If I had a dimestore soda for everytime someone said, 'is that you in your story?'

Pearl said...

If we had a soda for each we'd be en route to diabetic.