amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ottawa Small Press Fair-Today!

from noon to five pm at the Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane, off Elgin

stop by the Bywords table to say hi and stock up on hard to find and limited edition chapbooks, journals, , zines and other neat small press delicacies published by Bywords and local small presses and writers, including

the Spring issue of the Bywords Quarterly Journal featuring the poetry of K. Bush, Sami Alwani, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Peter Gibbon, Joe Hickey and Janice Tokar

the first 5 years of the Bywords Quarterly Journal on sale for a ridiculously low price exclusive to fair attendees only

The John Newlove Poetry Award Chapbook Series with chapbooks by Norma Elliott, Melissa Upfold and Roland Prevost

This is not a family venue with poems by Lynne Alsford, Marianne Bluger, Heather Cardin, F.G. Foley, Thomas Hawkes, Kathryn Hunt, Glenn Kletke, rob mclennan, Colin Morton, Barbara Myers, Peter Norman and Michelle Tracy.

New chapbook releases by AngelHousePress, pooka press and The Onion

the hard hitting fiction magazine Front & Centre by Black Bile Press

Other popular favourites: Basement Tapes: Nicholas Lea, Marcus McCann, Andrew Faulkner; Table Leaves: H.A. McLeod, Ronald Seatter, Dean Steadman, Sean Dowd, and Roland Prevost; Fifteen titles: A Playlist15 Poems by Somerled;

free stuff: buttons, calendars, perhaps some baked goods, smiles and tangents

see you at the fair!

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