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amongst books

Monday, June 02, 2008

subscribe to jwcurry’s 1 cent series

for only $10 a year. that means you get everything john curry produces that year in the 1 cent series for the measly sum of ten smackers. we’re talking leaflets, cards and sometimes small booklets. some of the people he’s published in this series include Nelson Ball, bill bissett, Barbara Caruso, Victor Coleman, Nicky Drumbolis, Paul Dutton, Maria Erskine, Doug Fetherling, David Fujino, Geoff Huth, Max Middle, Lillian Necakov, bpNichol, Nicholas Power, Stuart Ross, David UU, Steve Venright and many, many others.

it is my understanding that he uses numerous techniques for producing these little gems, including rubber stamps, photocopying, mimeographing, and others. he doesn’t use a computer, ever.

if you go to his place you’ll see a few typewriters strewn around, floor-to-ceiling shelves of books and cabinets like the kind used to store maps, full of amazing visual poetry, memorabilia from the avant-garde Toronto literary scene and more than you can imagine, so you should go there to buy stuff from his store. he has published editorial chronologies or catalogs of the contents of his store. the one i have starts at 1976 and was issued in March, 2007.

to get your subscription & possibly to get a copy of the catalog, you can reach jwcurry at 613 233-0417 or just mail him your cheque for $10 @ Room 302 Books – # 302- 880 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 6R7.

i am sure he’ll be at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on June 21, 2008 too. at least we should hope so. aside from 1 cent, there are a number of other collections and series and one off publications he produces that anyone interested in avant-garde work should get their hands on. are you writing that cheque yet? ....

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