amongst books

amongst books

Monday, September 22, 2008

shutterbuggery etc

at the Owl reading yesterday afternoon i counted at least five cameras in the room.

here are the results of two by Ottawa's sexiest photographers:

Charles Earl

thanks to them both, i actually manage to look rather fetching.

thanks to everyone who came to my launch of Welcome to Earth at the Dusty Owly yesterday. it was great fun. & thanks to the Owls: Cathy, Steve and Kate and to Chris of Dog and Pony Sound for pumping up the volume on my soft voice so that the boys in the back could hear.

my next reading is this Friday at 8:30 pm at Venus Envy, when Luna Allison and I heat up the audience as part of the launch of Reclaiming Eros: Sacred Whores and Healers. I have gone over and over what i might read, but i think i've decided on True Grit, my story about a gay bdsm sex scandal on the Hill. the timing just seems too perfect. i promise you i won't read anything pretty. i write smut. come and see ;)

don't forget to check out all the great readings this week: Tree on Tuesday has Susan Musgrave, rob mclennan reads at the Ottawa Art Gallery on Thursday as part of the amazing exhibit, Evidence: the Ottawa City Book Project and the new Capital Xtra sponsored Gay and Lesbian reading series Naughty Thoughts debuts at the Buzz on Sunday with Daniel Allen Cox reading from his new novel Shuck about a 90s sex worker in NYC.

while we're on the subject of sex and literature, am i the only one who craves a pansexual reading series catering to smut writers of all sexes, genders, colours, flavours and bents? possibly open mic?

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