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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vote Culture, Rally today at 4pm, U of Ottawa

the galas i attend with my arts funding

it was amusing to read of Harper’s latest hijinx in which he referred to arts funding as a “niche issue” (Ottawa Citizen, Sept 24, 2008). wasn’t it fun the way he pitted “ordinary working people” against “a bunch of people at a rich gala”?

this is how out of touch our dishonourable prime minister is with the arts. what he knows about the arts he learns by watching tv. no doubt he thinks all dogs talk because he’s heard Brian yacking on Family Guy.

the arts is not a marginal, nor a niche issue. from the time people begin school to the time, they are put in the ground, it is very likely that they have had some contact with the arts, whether it be through taking band in high school (subsidized) or attending a play at their local theatre (hopefully subsidized) to the pottery class at the retirement home (hopefully subsidized).

and what about subsidies? if we say that arts shouldn’t be subsidised what should? sports? the dairy industry? big oil companies?

statistics that have demonstrated that areas with an active arts community make an area more attractive to live in and bring in more revenue than they cost in subsidies.

it serves the Tory’s purposes to pit urban dwellers against rural dwellers, to separate “ordinary working Canadians” from artists, who are depicted as people who attend fancy galas. the fact is many artists are working at least one other job to support a family and to help underwrite their work. very few people receive funding from the government for their art but many funding recipients have gone on to receive world recognition.

it’s all foolishness what Harper says, but i know people who will buy in to his bullshit. even though they themselves have been & their sons and daughters are involved in many subsidised activities, such as you the bus...driving on highways, medicare.

i’m off to spend more of my (non existant) funding, sipping (imaginary) champagne at yet another (invisible) gala.

if you have time today, please attend the Vote Culture Rally

VOTE CULTURE Town Hall / Assemblée publique VOTE CULTURE
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Academic Hall, University of Ottawa
Street: 133 Séraphin-Marion
City/Town: Ottawa, ON

Contact Info Email:

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