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amongst books

Friday, October 24, 2008

writers festival update of a sort

a cold has prevented me from being able to concentrate well enough at the festival to blog, but others are writing excellent entries. see Pearl’s blog and rob’s blog. tonight i’m meant to be at Transgress but instead settled down with Charles to a great dinner after a long nap and then a sports flick.

up to now, my favourite events of the festival have been the noon Master Class series with writers. the ones at noon have been very practical with concrete examples and tips from the writers and an opportunity to ask questions.

i’m looking forward to the Poetry Cabaret tomorrow night, provided i can last that long, particularly to Meredith Quartermain. if there was anything i would change about this edition of the festival, it would be that we would have more writing life style poetry events with readings and a Q&A. i love the opportunity to hear fiction writers talk about their work, but i could use a higher dose of poetry. on my wish list of poets i’d like to see & hear (some of whom have been at the festival before):

Nathalie Stephens
Robert Priest
Lisa Jarnot
Stephen Cain
Derek Beaulieu
Dennis Cooley
Steve McCaffery
Steven Ross Smith
Sina Queyras
Natalie Simpson
Rachel Zucker
Gil McElroy
Andy Weaver

i think the mix of poetry and prose changes from edition to edition and there have been other years where we’ve had more poetry cabarets. it’s my own preference, but i have enjoyed the threads of this edition’s festival and i tip my hat to the organizers for another excellent job. three more days to go! i’m hoping i won’t be so tired and will have the stamina to attend and soak it all in.


Anonymous said...

ah - id love to read in ottawa...

Pearl said...

yes, I believe I already sent your name as a request to the Fest, derek.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
this comment is not related to this particular post, but i thought your readers would be interested in knowing that the Ontario Arts Council just hired a new Literature Officer, John Degen. The press release is here;