amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poetic Intentions this eve

at the Avant Garde, 135.5 Besserer, 8pm
open mic
theme: Words and Music

the series was started by Tiah Akse a while back, maybe over a year ago? i dunno time flies.
the idea was to have an open mic based on a theme, hence the intentions part. if i know anything about open mics, i know that not everyone necessarily deals with the theme, but that’s usually standard op procedure.

it takes place on the last tuesday of the month. given the upcoming holidaze tonight’s the last one of the year. another reason to come out and play.

I haven’t been to Poetic Intentions before, but the theme of words and music gave me an idea for a poem. that and listening to Andrew Faulkner read from his cento “Found: The Smell of Gas" from his chapbook "Useful Knots and How To Use Them" (Emergency Response Unit, 2008)…

so i went thru a bunch of song lyrics from songs that i like and strung them together into a poem called Singing the Apocalypse. i’m planning on reading it tonight. most of the songs are vintage oldies, but i have a few from this century too. it’s not really a cento; i used 99 song lines or i broke a few lines into numerous parts; i used 56 songs. i had to make a few tiny changes at times. the whole thing made me muse on lyrics vs poetry. is there a versus?

can lyrics be poetry? i’d have to say yes, given writers like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. for the purposes of turning lyrics into a poem by me was the challenge though. i didn’t change content too much, i deleted the occasional word, changed a verb tense here or there, eliminated some of the typical repetition of the lyric, kept the rhymes internal rather than end, chose samples based on the cadence of the poem i was writing.

if you come out and you guess one of the songs, who knows? i might just buy you a drink.

i’ll post the poem up and the edits later also the playlist from the poem 

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