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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yes To A Coalition Government

In Ottawa the rally is today at noon on Parliament Hill.

Last night at during his inspiring talk and reading of Trudeau, Long March, Shining Path (Gaspereau Press, 2007) George Elliott Clarke reminded the audience that in Ontario, we have seen a minority government fall and the Lieutenant Governor has had to make a ruling to put the Liberals in charge.

In the 1985 Ontario election, the Progressive Conservatives were able to attain only a minority. They were defeated by a motion of non-confidence by a Liberal-NDP accord, ending the Tory's 42 year period of rule over the province. Not only have we seen coalitions before but we have seen situations where the Queen’s representatives in Canada are asked to turn to another party if the party in power doesn’t have the confidence of the House to maintain the government.

The Conservatives want to forget about history; they want you to believe that such coalitions are unprecedented and undemocratic, but there are indeed precedents for these things. This is the way Canada’s Parliamentary system is supposed to work. This is democracy. It’s exactly how democracy works. Minority governments can hold power only as long as they have the confidence of the House.

I urge you to attend the rallies in your city, to write e-mails to your MP and to the Governor General and to take part in this historic movement to make Parliament work.

And yes, there is an arts perspective here: the Coalition would restore funding to arts and cultural groups, eliminated by the Conservatives. In the larger picture though, we must get rid of these Conservatives who distort history for their own purposes, who rule the airwaves and the media with their propaganda and who try to bully Canadians into accepting a Canada where the Oil Barons hold sway at the expense of social programs and universality.

See you at the rally!

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