amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Farewell to Blog

after six years of blogging, i’ve decided to end my regular blogging activities. it may be that on occasion i put up an announcement, but that’s it. i’m not going to delete this blog or my other blogs.

thank you to all of you who’ve been following this blog. i’m looking forward to becoming just a reader of blogs. i’m sure i’ll pop up on line in various nooks and crannies. in the meantime i’m focussing on the study, reading, writing and publishing of poetry.

merci et bonne nuit, mes amis.


Stephen Rowntree said...

...thanks Amanda, it was you who welcomed me into the Ottawa poetry fold, for that and encouraging me to come out and play, and sharing you and your writing, merci mon dear.


John W. MacDonald said...

you'll be back... but in the mean time thanks for sharing your words and ideas.

s. said...

Oh no!

Pearl said...

wow, sorry to see you leave this digital arena.

6 years is long to go before catching at least one fatigue-bug.

Mark McCawley said...

"Never say never" has long been my personal motto, Amanda. Then, again, a daily blog can become quite tiresome after a time. I suspect you will approach blogs the way that I do, as a tool, to fix or achieve a particular end. Aloha for now.