amongst books

amongst books

Friday, September 10, 2010

a follow up to my last rant: what you can do

if you live in the Ottawa area and attend literary events,

1. let those who write about arts and culture in Ottawa know about any upcoming events you're looking forward to


Ottawa Arts Newsletter

Ottawa Start

Ottawa Focus

Unfolding - Arts in Ottawa

Girl About Town
e-mail kite at girlabouttown dot com

2. If you have a blog, talk about the literary events you've attended or promote those you are going to.

3. Send notice of literary events to events at bywords dot ca.

4. Post events to events calendars yourself:


Ottawa Citizen Events page

City of Ottawa Spotlight Events Calendar

5. E-mail the Ottawa Citizen, the Sun, Xpress, Capital Xtra, Metro, Ottawa Life, Where Ottawa and advocate for more coverage of Ottawa's vibrant literary scene.

6. If you know of any other blogs or sites or media to add to the list, please let me know.

Whether you like mystery, romance, poetry, spoken word, non fiction, memoir, or literary fiction, it's all here. Writers are coming here daily to read, to to sign books, to sell their books and to meet you. Make sure that others know about it so that publishers will keep sending them here and writers will want to come. Why do outsiders think Ottawa rolls up its sidewalks at 5pm? Because no one tells them otherwise.


Mike Levin said...

What about We do have the most-comprehensive arts-events calendar for Ottawa.

Amanda said...

thanks, Mike. i shall add.

Amanda said...

thanks, Mike. i shall add.