amongst books

amongst books

Friday, September 17, 2010

fresh stuff: Sept 13-17, 2010

in which i crib brilliant and inspiring links from pals on FB and Twitter

Literary Landscapes with Christine McNair
Christine interviews John Lavery about his new novel Sandra Beck. First time I’ve heard John read from the novel. It’s a terrific book and Christine asks insightful questions that will make you rush out and buy it right away.
[NB Christine is one of 4 hosts. the others are Kathryn Hunt, David O'Meara and Neil Wilson]

Also in the archives: her interview with Cameron Anstee, who did his MA thesis on the Contact Press Poetry Reading Series that took place in Toronto in the early 60s and Christine’s interview with Pearl Pirie who has a forthcoming poetry collection Been Shed Bore with Chaudiere Books.

Speaking of Been Shed Bore here’s the lovely site where you can find out about the book and Pearl.

Laynie Browne’s essay On the Elasticity of the Sonnet and the Usefulness of Collective Experimentation, in which we are encouraged to write a series of sonnets in order to build movement and momentum and help us to get comfortable with process. She provides an inspiring list of sonnet experiments; Ron Silliman’s piece Unlearning to Write” which talks about unburdening ourselves from the ghosts and beliefs of what writing is, published from a new book “Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook” edited by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

The MAGIC Of Bulgarian Voices & Music - Malka Moma / Little girl - LIVE (Gold collection)

convince me to sit here by samar abulhassan in Dusie 11- 22 beautiful fragments: refugees and tamarinds, grief and the sea

David Foster Wallace Archives, including a note on “David Foster Wallace’s library: Dog ears, coffee rings, duct tape, and heavy markings”

the poetry of Tom Raworth by David Caddy on MiPoRadio. i listened to this podcast while walking along last week in the sunshine and laughed all the way through. Caddy talks about this British poet’s influences and gives us excerpts from Spike Milligan and Monty Python.

Dispersions of Sound Waves in Ice Sheets from composer and sound artist Andreas Blick’s wonderful blog of sound samples and thoughts. i heard this ages ago, but it's so good it deserves a mention again.

and finally the Chinatown gateway thru the lens of Robin Kelsey

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