amongst books

amongst books

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fresh Stuff- Sept 20-24 (sort of)

Renegade is a new visual poetry blog run by the talented and prolifiic Andrew Topel who runs avantacular press and creates many amazing vispo artifacts.

Graffiti Markup Language turns physical graffiti into virtual 3D gorgeousness. Take a look at the video and then hit the Projects links.

A Guy Walks into 365 Bars: this guy goes into a bunch of different bars in NYC, some famous and some obscure, and people send him Paypal donations. brilliant idea! interesting photos, but you'll end up craving a beer or seven.

Sandra Ridley's ghazal suite published in Fallout (Hagios Press, 2010) read beautifully on Saskatchewan's CBC Radio Sound Xchange. You can hear the reading at about the 10min mark after the jazz.

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