amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the Sad Phoenician's Other Woman & the missing h poems

Mark McCawley, Edmonton writer and publisher of Urban Graffiti and Greensleeve Editions offers this review of the Sad Phoenician's Other Woman, a long poem i wrote a few years ago that was published by above/ground press.

here also is my essay "Notes on The Sad Phoenician‟s Other Woman:
Experiencing Robert Kroetsch‟s Poetry In A Fever

and finally a story. i modeled my chapbook after the Kroetsch book, including the alphabet sections for each of my sections. too bad my alphabet skills are so damn poor. it wasn't until after the publication came out that i noticed i had missed the letter h. i suspect people thought that was deliberate. after all, the cover is the letter h in phoenician and means man or unknown. so it makes sense. but it was just an accident. since then, i've written a few poems for the missing h. poems that were written in the present rather than the past. one of them was published by pooka press, as part of the chapbook anthology "some assembly required." as to the rest, perhaps one day, i'll share them.

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