amongst books

amongst books

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept 5-10: Fresh stuff

here’s a new and likely occasional feature. brilliant, inspiring stuff that has come to my attention in the past week.

Charles Bernstein argues for the need for innovation in poetry, citing Petrowski “Form follows failure” rather than function. “Innovation should be seen as responses to historical and contemporary particulars, as situational, not universal, more like the weather and one’s everyday adaptation to it then like the forward march of scientific knowledge.” He talks about the benefits of disruption and the difference between disruption and refinement, not one better than the other but with different readers and goals. He says a lot of other wise and inspiring things, particularly about the new possibilities produced thru the digitalization of poetry, for example. [note this is very slow to download…but it will eventually and you’ll be happy you were patient. thanks to Jamie Bradley for posting this link on FB; and check out Jamie’s blog entries this week for elegant and rotund prose. ]

Satu Kaikkonen produces some new and gorgeous lettervis poems.

Gary Barwin gives us The Universe Without Chairs

No Press publishes two new chapbooks

Shawna Lemay talks about the isolation of writing, Kafka and shows us a really lonely red typewriter on an empty road. (Let’s hope it doesn’t get squished!)

Jerome Rothenberg gives us Mark Weiss-3 poems and an excerpt from “A Provisional Poetics” on his blog Poems and Poetics. I like the idea of cleaning up the mess of false starts and dishonesties. The idea that poetry is a form of possession seems to fit with Spicer’s idea that poetry comes from elsewhere. Fascinating too to hear of Weiss’ seizures that showed up as fragments, magical seeming, a shadow sketch of the world. Rothenberg’s blog by the way is sizzling and provocative, just the way i like them.

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