amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CKCU Funding Drive & Indie Radio

hi all,

i urge you to donate money to support CKCU, the home of Literary Landscapes, Friday Special Blend, the Third World Players and other excellent indie radio shows. I'm so glad these shows that highlight and promote Ottawa's rich literary culture exist.

you can fill out the pledge form here

CHUO also has great arts and cultural programs such as Mitchell Caplan's Click Here and John Akpata's Monday Night Scribes. although i don't believe they are doing their funding drive now. you can still donate.

both of these indie stations play great music too.

and also there are great shows covering the literary scene in other towns:

Jeffrey Mackie on Montreal's CKUT's Tuesday Morning After

and probably a bunch i'm forgetting about. listen to the shows and if you know of other great radio programs that promote the lit scene, let me know.

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