amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ottawa Sneezers - achoo for the arts is a new site with a funny name to help promote the arts in Ottawa. Sterling Lynch, the creator of the site says: “A ‘sneeze’ is your personal and passionate recommendation about Ottawa and the arts. Share your sneeze with us and we’ll spread the good word to as many other Ottawa arts sneezers as possible. Every sneeze we receive will be posted to the site. The very best sneezes will be included in The Ottawa Arts Newsletter.”

This is a new opportunity to promote and raise awareness about the dynamic arts and cultural community that is Ottawa. So send info about upcoming events you’re excited about, send him positive reviews of events, info on local books and everything to do with the literary community. The key is to write short, punchy little pieces that grab people’s attention, not some long-winded treatise.

You can e-mail Sterling at sterling at ottawasneezers dot com

The more opportunities we have to promote literary readings, book signings, out-of-town author appearances, etc, the more authors will want to come to Ottawa and the more we’ll have good turn outs at our events. So don’t waste this opportunity.

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