amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 favourite chapbooks

(this is leaving out a lot and particularly AngelHousePress chapbooks, which i’ve left off for obvious reasons, but the authors of such already know i adore their chapbooks because i published them…)

1. Sandra Ridley, Lift - Ghazals for C.; prints by Eric Slankis (Jack Pine Press, 2008); 33 of a limited edition of 75.
2. Ben Ladouceur, The Argossey (Apt. 9 Press, October, 2009) # 34 of 50
3. Michael Blouin, Two Boys carrying a box through a field .going somewhere (Apt. 9 Press, November, 2009) # 33 of 50
4. Jay MillAr, the small blue-volume odd and volume even (Book Thug, September, 2003). 52 copies
5. Monty Reid, Sweetheart of Mine (Book Thug, January, 2006) 100 copies
6. Pissing Ice, An Anthology of ‘New’ Canadian Poets, Edited by Jon Paul Fiorentino and Jay MillAr (Book Thug, August, 2004)
7. Shannon Bramer, Fishings (Book Thug, June, 2007) 100 copies
8. kate greenstreet, Rushes (above/ground press,2007) 300 copies
9. Lea Graham, Calendar Girls (above/ground press, March, 2006) 300 copies
10. Steve Zytveld, the Passing of Arthur King Chapters I –IV (hoping they’ll publish more!), (Dusty Owl Press, 2004)
11. Squirt, the Ketchup Collection (Dusty Owl Press, 2004)
12. My Lump in the Bed, Love Poems for George W. Bush, Edited by Stuart Ross, (Dwarf Puppets on Parade, a division of Proper Tales Press, 2004) 300 copies
13. Eric Zbyoya, Vecteur, Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hazard (No Press, April, 2010) 40 copies
14. H.N. Werkman, Mit Schreibmaschine 1923-29 (No Press, 3rd edition of 30 copies, August, 2010)
15. Erin Moure Elisa Sampedrín, & (No Press, April, 2010) 50 copies
16. Jessica Hiemistra-Van der Horst, Anatomy for the Artist (Greenboathouse Press, during the mild heatwave of 2009) No 26 of 126 copies
17. matt robinson, Against the Hard Angle (Greenboathouse Press, as spring fills the shop with its warm light, 2009) 26 of 126 copies
18. Warren Dean Fulton, Saints & Serpents (The Kamloops Poets’ Factory, 1999) 50 copies
19. George Bowering, Some Answers (Laurel Reed Books, 2007) 100 copies
20. cole swensen, ghosts are hope (Observable Books, 2006)

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