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Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

I feel the need to do my own version of an xmas bird my old life as the co-owner of a consulting firm we had to write a lot of reports, particularly progress reports. i found them satisfying as an employer and i think the employees, as much as they hated writing them, found them useful to guide themselves forward. i take my writing and publishing efforts seriously and put my heart into the work that i do, so i feel it's important to take note of what i've done and to reflect on the coming year.

In 2010, I submitted poetry to 43 places, including print and on-line journals, book publishers, contests, and granting agencies.

My poetry was published in 15 publications, including three print and one on-line anthology, three chapbooks, three print journals, an online visual poetry magazine, three on-line literary magazines and one travelling visual poetry exhibit in Russia and in Windsor, Ontario.

I received two recommendations for the Ontario Arts Council’s Writers’ Reserve Program.

I was invited to read as a feature twice this year at two anthology launches and will read for the last time in 2010 on December 30 as part of the Peter F. Yacht Club Reading and Xmas Party. This is small compared to 2009, but considering I was recuperating from 2009’s crazy health crisis, I’m still happy with having been able to read and to have been invited at all.

I went to fewer readings this year than last, again due to health crisis, but I enjoyed being there and have already written about some of the memorable readings in 2010 in my last blog post.

In 2010, one of the milestones for me was completing Kiki, the manuscript that held my attention for four years. It is now in the hands of a publisher, so please cross your finger and toes and eyes on Kiki’s behalf.

I have 15 submissions outstanding and several grant applications outstanding also.

This year I also began a new manuscript, All the Catharines and have already received some funding for that, which is very heartening.

With my publishing and organizing hats on, I hosted 5 readings for Bywords and with the help of the Bywords team published 4 issues of the Bywords Quarterly Journal, 12 issues of, entered hundreds of events and news items on the site.

For AngelHousePress we published two chapbooks, the annual with 30 poems by poets from the poetry nation of the world, the annual with 10 contributors of art, prose, visual poetry and poetry, and for our essay series, 6 provocative and inspiring essays. I enjoyed speaking to a number of readers, writers and publishers at the ottawa small press book fair in the spring and fall of 2010 and selling a few copies of Bywords and AngelHousePress publications as an added bonus.

I sent out countless letters and e-mails to the Citizen, on line cultural blogs, City councillors etc advocating for the arts and culture scene here in Ottawa. I worry about funding cuts and feel it is important to keep vigilant, especially with the media's blatant disregard and occasional disdain for local writers, particularly poets. I will do my best to promote and highlight literary genius in our city in 2011 and help citizens to realize that we don't live in some cultural backwater but a vibrant and dynamic centre of arts and culture.

2010 was a professionally and personally rewarding year and the most important part of it of course was to be alive and to be surrounded by love, friendship, beauty and brilliance in a city I adore.

The first part of 2011 will likely be taken up once again with my health as I undergo surgery (all being well). In theory I will hunker down with All the Catharines and many good books during my recuperation and be ready for reading opportunities by the spring at the latest.

To writer and publisher friends, literary event organizers, book sellers, devoted readers, artists and creative anarchists of all kind, I hope you have had a productive and enjoyable 2010 and wish you the same for 2011. I am looking forward to reading the ensuing whimsical and provocative creative works and attending many great events in 2011.


Ontario Arts Council said...

Sounds like a very bountiful year! It's great that you were recommended for an OAC literature program :) We hope the connection you made through this 3rd party program was fruitful. All the best in your future endeavours!

Amanda Earl said...

thank you kindly!