amongst books

amongst books

Friday, March 04, 2011

VERSeFest: a teaser

VERSeFest held a media call yesterday afternoon at the Manx Pub and i had the pleasure of attending. Two poets gave us a small sample of what’s to come next week at Arts Court with the week long celebration of poetry.

Sandra Ridley read a mesmerizing piece from her upcoming book, Post-Apothecary (Pedlar Press), and John Akpata gave a compelling rendition of his poem, “What Do You Know About Love.”

I have a good feeling about VERSeFest. i think the intersection of styles will be enjoyable for the audience, and for fellow poets. I think there are possibilities here for inspiration…

Sandra will be performing at a Pre-Verse event on Saturday night at Gallery 101 at 7:30pm along with the amazing Steven Ross Smith. The last time he was in town a few years ago, he read during Plan 99 at the Manx Pub. what i loved about his reading was his ability to balance the words with pauses, with silence, with the breath. At the same event, respondents to Michèle Provost’s Playlist, a show taking place at the Dale Carnegie gallery, will also be featured.

Sandra reads again during VERSeFest as part of the BlUe m0nday reading series along with the fabulous Christine McNair.

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