amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

the unsung poetry books of 2010

with no offence intended to the shortlisted for the Lampert, the Lowther, the Griffin, here’s my not at all comprehensive list of 2010 books that should (have) receive(d) more notice and their authors who deserve cash, limos, laurels, groupies and a chance to act like Charlie Sheen on national television…

since i have written a bit about all of these books except a few (which i’ll get to), i’ll just provide the list.

been shed bore by Pearl Pirie (Chaudiere Books)
The Little Seamstress by Phil Hall (Pedlar Press)
Rhapsodomancy by kevin mcpherson eckhoff (Coach House)
Fallout by Sandra Ridley (did receive a Saskatchewan Book Award for publisher Hagios)
The Porcupinity of the Stars by Gary Barwin (Coach House)
The Chimney Stone by Rob Winger (Nightwood Editions)
Wild Horses by rob mclennan (the University of Alberta Press)
R’s Boat by Lisa Robertson (University of California Press-i know, not a Canadian publisher, but i’m including because Robertson is Canadian, dagnabit)
Nox by Anne Carson (New Directions-another non Canadian publisher, but see above, dagnabit.

all of these books surprised me, made me excited about the possibilities of language, image, sound, and whimsy. these books were powerful works of poetry where such emotions as grief, humour, and wonder were prevalent throughout. sometimes i wonder what kind of a world it is when books like these receive such little notice from the literati. and then i don’t. sigh. do yourself a favour. if you haven’t purchased these small jewels, buy them today. and perhaps write a wee review or blog entry about them.

in the meantime, here are virtual prizes for these unsung poetic heroes:
a loving cup, three dozen red roses and a magnum of champagne

without your delicious works, mes chers, i would have to say, why write, why read poetry at all…why bother…you put the O in poetry.

please suggest other poetry books published in 2010 that deserve notice and purchase…


mchristakos said...

My book's pretty fucking great smart and new too.

And Rachel Zolf's Neighbour Procedure is a work of radical genius. But I'd have to say more than "radical genius" to be doing anything useful here.

What's with the annoying LIST mentality that seems to have overtaken Canadian writers?

Is it because any mention on the Internet pops up in a Google search?

Tired tired tiring.

"all of thes books surprised me"--why not just close-read one of them and review it then?

Really can't stand the list thing. Really question the motivation of it, and the terrible popularity contest clubbiness.

Amanda said...

i haven't had a chance to read yours or Rachel's yet, Margaret. i have taken the time to write about several of these books on my blog and am hoping to get to the three that i haven't mentioned soon. as to the list mentality, i suppose you're right. i just wanted to highlight a few books that have brought me joy and perhaps might bring others joy too. and it's my blog so i'll do whatever the hell i like.