amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Yet Another Maple Leaf Rag

Iggy’s eyes go ziggy zaggy.
Forgive me, but i think it’s whacky

to elect a man incapable of looking us in the eye,
a sure sign a crimson promise is nothing but a lie.

Harper with his piercing blue diction
must be a lover of fantasy and science fiction.

He cooks up imaginary crooks who need incarceration,
while ignoring the downtrodden of the nation.

For Jack Layton I have nothing but compassion
but his pipe dreams will lead to uncertainty and inaction.

Et Gilles Duceppe, qui veut du Québec sa souveraineté,
n’est pas du tout digne de notre amitié.

That leave us with Elizabeth May
who would surely save the day (and the planet),

but she’s not allowed to speak.
The so called powers that be have some cheek.

Politics is nothing but a game played by rich old boys.
We Canadians are merely the rag dolls, their neglected toys.

I know we won’t come out of this election smelling like a rose,
but still, I urge you to vote and if you have to, hold your nose.

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