amongst books

amongst books

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rant: Death is Certain

Death is certain. It will happen to me, to you, to everyone you love and everyone you hate, to your dentist, your neighbour, the people you ride the bus with and the woman you buy your coffee from every morning. Death, i repeat, is certain.

So if you aren’t making those you love in your life a priority, if you have yet another excuse as to why you don’t spend time with loves, lovers, friends and interesting, provocative people, then you’re a fool.

After my own close call in November, 2009, i’ve been mostly just grateful to still be alive and confused, often even suffering from a form of grief over how close i came. how come i’m here and others aren’t. how come you are?

Please don’t waste your time in petty squabbles, working late hours on foolish jobs, obsessing over needless details, even doing laundry, if you can be with those you love. Because tomorrow we’ll be gone.

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Mark McCawley said...

Very, very wise Amanda. Perhaps it was my two near overdoses within the last six months that have affected me most - and in some instances made me a terrible raging son-of- a-bitch to be around. Like the form of grief you speak of, it's scary and humbling to realize the tomorrows you always expect to arrive are not an absolute certainty. It's sobering to come to terms with the truth that my own personal Sword Of Damocles hangs above my head, and that this revelation has led to behaviors I wish I could retract. With an ever diminishing supply of tomorrows, I'd much rather fill them with love and friendship than petty squabbles.